Final project

For my last weeks in Ironhack bootcamp, I had the pleasure to work with Amalia on the project we wanted the most 🙌🏻

Project brief and context

Our client, M-Work, is a young start up that was created last December (2020), by Édouard et Josephine.

We build an application to improve your sleep called Night Bud

Project Brief

Julie & I had 2 weeks to create a wellness application for the National Wellness Institute. (NWI), leader in resources and services for wellness professionals in need to catch up with technology.

The requirements were to choose a wellness subject and create a native app where the user can set goals, track the data to see progress toward these goals and share them with a coach.

We choose to develop a native iOS App focused on sleep with data tracking, before bed exercises and library of advice…

Add a feature on Instagram solo project, focused on UI design


Focused on the UI, this project aim was to learn how to design for Native Apps, understanding Material Design and iOs Guidelines and using Atomic Design.

Analyze and Implement a new feature (based on user needs) into an existing native application.

Those kinds of applications (native apps) could be recognized by larger functionality (swipe, camera, micro), more reliable user experience and use of push-notifications to engage more the users. Those applications are written for a specific platform or device.

I work on my own for a week to develop a new feature to add in Instagram application, and for a…

Beige Paris website redesign

For this project, I worked with three of my peers at Ironhack Bootcamp to help a local shop improve in its online presence to be more competitive in the market. The goal of the project was to work on a desktop device. We choose Beige Paris, a clothing e-commerce brand created in 2020 to work with.

Brand logo

Client and customers research & insights

Client and customers research & insights

We started the project by studying the current website and conducting several interviews.

Through the website, we found out that Beige Paris was a Parisian ready-to-wear brand that proposes chic & conscious clothes, accessories, and decorations.

On a…

Wicked problem

The requirements for this project were doing a 8 minutes presentation around a Wicked Problem to learn Design Thinking, with a mobile application as goal. We had one week to propose a solution for this problem.We were a team of four students in UX/UI design of the Ironhack bootcamp, doing all the project remotely. We didn’t have specific roles, we conducted all steps together, blending ideas and voting when necessary.

The design challenge was :

How Might We help communities access the seasonal produce of their region, fueling fair and honest relationships between producers and customers while ensuring food safety…

From researchs, usability testing to redesign wireframes

the Colosseum

The group of five friends have been talking about this trip together for a while and they all have been saving money and planning the visits for the last eight months. Everyone agree now on the dates, from the 7 to the 13 of august, they are going to Rome to see the Colosseum and spend as much time together as possible.There is no really timing or schedule but they want to do a lot of things. The program has been voted 👌🏻 :

Day 1. arriving at Fiumicino airport, in the morning taking the Leonardo Express to go in…

study and analyze the application and learn how to work with wireframes

If you like books and manual activites, you might know or use Audible. This application allow you to listen to audio books on a connected device. You can choose from a gigantesque library to buy the books you like on Audible website. Then the chosen ones are downloaded on your device, in your personal library. Onces it’s downloaded, you can listen as many times as you like, online or offline, it doesn’t matter. Having a busy weeks is not a reason to let books aside anymore !

I decided to work on this application because I use it quite often…

Presentation of the application

Citymapper is an application who makes your journey easier through public transportations. They use local transport informations in real time combined with mobile and payment technology to give you the best options possible for your urban mobility. Inside their large list of major cities across the world, you enter the address of the needed itinerary from start to end, and you can choose between their different propositions, regarding your schedule, the weather or any other of your criterias. Let’s say, it’s a sunny day, you can choose the bicycle. You have one ? They point the itinerary and how long…

Alice Paul

Textil designer currrently learning UX-UI design.

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